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The Shadowlands

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You can never leave... Welcome, my friend, to your new home.

You are off on a grand adventure to explore your land, where ever you come from, when you come across this strange cave. Curiosity gets the better of you and you choose to investigate it. It appears to be a normal cave at first, but deep inside, you see a faint blue and violet glow. As soon as you take your first step in, you feel a chill down your spine. Yet, at the same time, you feel welcome. Almost as if something is calling to you, specifically.

It is. And it's grinning from the shadows themselves. You don't see it as you walk right over it's formless self; something has caught your eye. It appears to be a violet pool of water standing up straight like a mirror? Intrigued, you draw dangerously close. On the other side of this "pool," creatures are cackling and grinning, waiting for you to come just that one little inch closer. Your fingers stretch out to just barely touch it's rippling, glowing surface. A strange sensation flows over you, but before you can react- WHOOSH! You've been pulled through, and are now unconscious.

When you awake, you will soon come to realize you are not home anymore. The dirt beneath you is hard and cracked. The skies are grey though there are no clouds, nor a sun. Just an everlasting moon. There is no plant life. Whispers come from all around you, yet from nowhere at the same time. "You're trapped here, hehehehe." "Welcome to your doom, stranger!" "You can never leave."

You look to your left, and you see a volcano that appears to be dormant. To your right, there seems to be a tunnel going straight through the ground into immediate darkness. And directly ahead, and all around you, are towering mountains. Up ahead, you see a large structure, a castle of some sort. Where will you go?

Welcome to Talamhscath - The Shadowlands.